Meet our fabulous team with more than 30 years of combined experience and more than 300 million in sales through the years. We are experienced in all sales, including land, homes, farms, commercial properties and investment properties. We also offer a bilingual service para los que hablan Español. Our team is qualified to work in both Kansas and Missouri, and will soon be qualified in the Florida and Colorado markets as well!

Being a part of the Keller Williams Brokerage, we also have access to properties all around the world, from relocations to beautiful vacation properties or second homes.

Give us a call and let us show you the amazing showcase of homes we have access and availability to and allow us the opportunity to help you achieve your real estate dreams!

Marcela Egea

Growing up in Overland Park, KS and graduating from Barstow School 91′ and attending Pittsburg State Univ., Marcela is very familiar with the Kansas City area and it surroundings. With several years of experience in the real estate industry and nearly 100 million in Real Estate sales, she is extremely capable in assisting you through all of your real estate needs. Marcela was a professional Equestrian Show Jumper for several years prior to becoming a Real Estate agent. She traveled the country going to horse shows making several life long friendship connections all throughout the country. She is a member of several organizations including the Louisburg chamber of Commerce and the Miami County Fair Board. She volunteers her time with numerous foundations as well as “gives back” by donating a portion of her commission to organizations of her clients’ choice, such as the senior citizen center in Louisburg, an epilepsy foundation, a children’s network organization, Olive’s Hope, and more. She strongly believes that helping each other helps the world spin. Whether you are buying, selling or investing in property, Marcela’s vast knowledge and experience, along with her impeccable negotiating skills, make her a great asset for your luxury real estate purchases.
  • Board Member of the Louisburg Chamber of Commerce
  • Member of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
  • Member of the AQHA
  • Member of the Miami County Fair Board
  • Head Leader of Franklin 4H (Miami County 4H Club)
  • Attended and Graduated from Barstow School (Lifelong Member)
  • Graduated from Pittsburg State University with a Bachelor’s of Science
  • Inducted into the Hall of Fame – American Royal Museum
  • Show Jumping, Silver Medal, Olympic Festival 1987 (youngest at the time)
  • Sponsor of Kansas State Fair Grand Drive Galla (Livestock Show for 4H)
  • Member, Alzheimers organization
  • Volunteer at Children’s Group in Overland Park, KS
  • Developing a new Dreamwork Foundation for Elders
  • Owner of Your Local Market-supporting local farmers and vendors
  • Owner of

Tim Gilday

With over 25 million in sales in his first three years, Tim brings his passion and work ethic to the real estate world. Being a dual sport athlete in college playing football and baseball as well as being in the Athletic Hall Of Fame at Avila University, Tim truly knows what it means to be dedicated, hard working and focused. With all of his strong connections throughout the nation, Tim would be an excellent asset to help you achieve your real estate goals.

  • Knights of Columbus (Queen of the Holy Rosary)
  • Received a Criminology & Justice Studies degree in 2013 from Avila College
  • Athletic Hall of Fame at Avila University for Baseball

Steve Cutshaw

With over 200 million dollars of Real Estate sales, Steve brings over 20 years of experience to the table. His expertise lies in Land/Vacant Land/ Hunting Grounds/ Farm Land and Investment Land properties. He is extremely knowledgeable in these areas and can help you tremendously in every aspect of Land Purchases. Steve is a graduate of K-State (93′) in Animal Science, and has traveled all parts of Kansas from 1993-1997 selling Moormans Feed developing many friendships with various land/farm/ranch owners. He is a longtime member of the Kansas Livestock Association(KLA) and Farm Bureau. Growing up roping in rodeos, Steve is also a member of the PRCA/AQHA, winning many titles through his life especially in high school and collegiate levels. Steve and his family are very active in the Livestock Showing Industry with his children showing goats and lambs in various parts of the state as well as other parts of the country winning many different titles. He is a very active member in his Masonic Lodge, Peace Lodge #243, and was a Past Master in 2011. Steve enjoys being a part of his community, helping and giving back as much as he can.
  • Sons of American Legion Post 250 – over 28 years
  • Louisburg Masonic Peace Lodge #243 – Past Master in 2011
  • Member of the AQHA
  • Member of the Miami County Fair Board
  • Member of KLA – Miami Co. Chairperson
  • Graduated from Ft. Scott Community College in 1990
  • Graduated from Kansas State University in 1993 – Bachelor’s in Animal Science
  • Main Sponsor for Kansas State Fair Grand Drive Galla (4H Livestock Shows)


I have now done 8 home investments with Marcela (bought and sold) as well as have had her sell our own personal home and help us purchase our hopeful forever home. She has been incredible to work with. She is always very attentive, and extremely trustworthy. I have worked with several other agents in the past and can say I think we are no longer using any other agent again. She is extremely personable and reliable.

Steve is SPOT ON the best in his Industry. The experience and knowledge he brings to the table in purchasing land is OUTSTANDING! He helped us through so much and saved us tons of money when he discovered a few items on our title (deed) and had them removed. He worked very hard for us, and we appreciated him every step of the way.

Tim was super helpful in finding the right home for my wife and me. He listened to what we wanted and did his best to find something within our price range and meet our expectations. He was careful to keep us under budget and in the area we were looking in.

Marcela had approached me about selling our family farmstead, and at first, I thought, here comes another agent to blow smoke, well I was very wrong. She not only delivered as promised, but she was also so easy and professional about everything. She walked me thru every step of the process, and I never once felt nervous about selling our farmstead. I have sent several multi-million-dollar referrals to her and will continue to do so. She is an honest Luxury Agent.

Steve handles all our land investments and as a large National Corporation, we appreciate that we can trust him with our needs. He is great to work with and works diligently to get the job done. Very much appreciated.

Tim’s patience with us during times of frustration really reflect his care for his clients. I really trust Tim with buying and selling homes because he shows so much empathy when we saw houses that had potential. He was knowledgeable when it came to repairs which would set us back even further if needed done in some “fixer-uppers” and would find better home options to keep us moving forward.

We have known Marcela for several years, and she just never stops amazing us. We use her to purchase our home a few years back and have referred her to several of our friends. She is extremely professional and highly knowledgeable about real estate. She kept us up to date on the entire process and made our real estate adventure an actual positive memory vs the horror stories we have always heard about in the past. We were very satisfied and have heard nothing but fabulous things from our friends we referred her to.  

What we love the most of Steve is his professionalism, his knowledge, and his experience. He drove us all around the property prior to purchasing it, and then explained everything on it. Since that first purchase, he has helped us through many more transactions including the sale of our home and purchasing a new one. He has been so patient, and we would never use any other agent, nor would we recommend anyone else but him. 

Tim really has your best interest at heart. I know because I’ve sold one house and bought another with his guidance. He treats you like family.

We bought our first house with land with Marcela, and I can say it was such an incredible experience to work with her. She is very knowledgeable in her field, and we felt like our assets were in the hands of a highly trustworthy person. She always returned phone calls, never complained about anything, a true joy to work with. We look forward to using her again in the future.  

My partner and I told Steve what kind of farm ground/ hunting ground that we were looking for. We wanted a weekend getaway and had so many requests on the property. A few days went by and we received a phone call from Steve that he found the property for us. It was exactly what we wanted, and we all have been happy with it since then. We found out later from the neighbors that Steve had found this property and had to find the owner to see if he would sell. Knowing what he did, and the leg work he went through to find us the property, we appreciate him even more. He’s a great guy and a great agent. 

Tim assisted us with the selling of our home. We greatly appreciated Tim’s knowledge, professionalism, and responsiveness with the entire process. Thank you!    

My husband is not the type of person to trust a real estate agent, especially when it came to our 1.5-million-dollar home! But I can say, all he talks about is how professional and patient Marcela is to work with. We were especially proud when we looked up and saw she has sold the highest residential listing in Miami County and another one for over 2 million, we were both very impressed and proud to have her as our agent. My husband, who never trusts anyone, especially a real estate agent, fully trusts Marcela and has referred her to several of his employees and has received nothing but praises from them on how happy they were to work with her. She will continue to always have all our real estate business as well as referrals and we recommend her to anyone reading this. We give her 10 Stars!    

Steve is an amazing real estate agent. He has been doing our real estate investment for several years. He knows his land better than any other agent. We consider Steve the G.O.A.T of real estate, especially in investing or purchasing land. We highly recommend him to all our friends and family. 

It was truly a pleasure getting to meet Tim and work with Tim on my home selling project. He listened to me, and I know had my best interest at heart. His listing presentation and contract presentation were spectacular. I recommend him to all.  

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